What's in a box? 
The Good Food Box contains a mix of fresh vegetables and fruit. Items are chosen according to what is in season and affordable at the time of ordering. The variety varies from month to month, but everyone receives the same items; boxes cannot be customised.



What are the savings compared to buying produce at the grocery store? 
The following is an actual cost comparison from August 2018. People who purchased large boxes saved an average of $5.47/box and those who purchased small boxes saved an average of $3.43/box. 


Can I be notified of upcoming order deadlines and pick up days?
By subscribing to the Good Food Box Calendar, you can request to receive notifications about order deadlines and pick up days. If you order online, you will also receive an e-mail from PayPal confirming your Good Food Box purchase. Otherwise, no reminder e-mails are sent out, so please mark your calendar.

Is the food in the Good Food Box local?
The Good Food Box Coordinator links with farmers and suppliers in Northern and Southern Ontario to include foods grown ‘close to home’ as much as possible. Each month, boxes contain at least two items grown in Northern Ontario, but there are often more, particularly during the summer months. This map shows where the Ontario produce we use is typically grown. 

Can I use Interac to order my box?
Cash payments are accepted in person at host sites. Online orders are by credit card.

When will my box be ready for pick up?
Box orders placed by Monday the week before you location pick up will be ready the following Thursday. example: If you are picking up from BBBF on the 27th of January your final order date is the 17th of January.

What happens if I don’t pick up my box during the host site pick up times?
Unclaimed boxes will be donated to families and individuals in need and are non-refundable.

May I bring the green or blue box that the produce is packed in home with me?
Please bring your own bags. The green or blue boxes are used for packing and distribution only.

I can’t make it to the host site to pick up my box, can someone else pick it up for me?
Yes, a friend may pick up your box for you during the host site pick up times. 

What happens if I place my order after the monthly deadline, but before the pick up day for that month? 
Payments received after the payment deadline are applied to the following month’s Good Food Box.

Does the Good Food Box deliver?
No, the Good Food Box does not deliver

Is the food in the Good Food Box organic?
The produce in the box is not organic.

Has the food in the Good Food Box been genetically modified?
The majority of the food has come from conventional growing methods and therefore may have been grown from seeds that have been genetically modified.

There isn’t a Good Food Box site in my neighbourhood, can I start one?
Yes! The program is always looking for volunteer host site coordinators to run host sites. Find out more here!


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